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We design and build exceptional websites for authors, publishers, and restaurants.

Author, Rebecca Skloot
Oh My Soul
Other Press
Publisher, Abrams Books
Author, Neil Patrick Harris
Primo Prime, Italian Restaurant
The Questioneers, Abrams Books
Narrator & Author, Karen White
Author, Laurie B. Friedman
Author, Laila Lalami
Literary Magazine, The Massachusetts Review
Author, Caitlyn Macy
Literary Agency, Aaron M. Priest
Author, Kami Garcia
Author, Paula McLain
Author, Karen Cleveland
Author & Illustrator, Henry H. Neff
Medical Gas Training & Consulting
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Our Philosophy

We love what we do & it shows

Our love for our work really does impact what we deliver, and our size keeps us humble. We don’t have dozens of salaries to cover or a highrise office space to pay for. This means we can take on projects individually and give them our full attention.

We want things in our world to be aesthetically pleasing, especially the sites and apps we build. But all the beauty in the world won’t matter if those sites and apps aren’t effective. We give equal attention to beauty and functionality.

It’s all about wicked designs for good people.

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“Being Wicked has ruined me forever working with any other web designers, ever. They were more literate than most writers I know, more responsive than 911, and more clever than anyone deserves to be. Miraculously, they also fail to overcharge.” —STEPHEN J. DUBNER, CO-AUTHOR OF FREAKONOMICS

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