A small design studio with big heart & big dreams

We love books! We’ve been fortunate to work with numerous authors and publishers in creating great websites to further the love of books. It’s exciting to launch a new book and we love being a part of that. We are the “go to” design studio in the publishing industry, but that’s not to say that’s all we do.

We’ve been creating websites for well over 15 years now and we have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. Our mission is to help those who may feel a tad daunted by creating a website, or redesigning what they have, so that you can do what you love to do – whether that’s writing your next book, boosting your authors, promoting your small business, or showcasing your restaurant. We take the stress out of crafting your online presence so that you can focus your energy on what you love to do. We know you have big dreams, and our big dream is to play our part in getting you there.

What we take seriously

  • Effective, clean, & beautiful design
  • Using the best tools for the job
  • Honest, long-term client relationships
  • Bringing our best to every project
  • Play time/Family time
  • The Oxford comma

And what we don’t

  • Ourselves (life is too short!)
  • Anyone who isn’t willing to simply try
  • Fortune cookies
  • What the scale says (It is a lying liar)
  • Anyone who says “Irregardless”

What you can expect from us

  • A good sense of humour
  • A transparent approach to everything
  • A genuine goal to do our best
  • Time off on weekends
  • Giving you our last Rolo

Gordon, Coder

Old Man, New Dad

Gordon has been coding since he discovered he could update games on his Commodore 64 using BASIC. He’s since graduated to more advanced languages, but still has a soft spot for that old machine.

When not wrangling his fast-growing toddlers, he’s usually writing, coding, woodworking, or hiking.

Lorissa, Designer & Photographer

Obsessed with books & food

Lorissa is an expat South African, by way of the UK. She started creating websites back in high school (a long long time ago) and is passionate about cohesive, beautiful and usable designs.

Lorissa spends most of her day in front of her computer problem-solving and creating, but when she’s not working, she’s typically reading voraciously, dabbling with watercolours, or attempting to entertain her highly demanding, but very cute, dog. She’s a warrior for animal and human rights and volunteers with multiple organizations in her local Charlotte community.