Being Wicked: creative. clever. fun. A studio with a healthy dose of hedonism.

We love books, whether they be science or science-fiction, memoirs or mysteries. There's something magical about sitting down with a fresh book, so full of potential and wonder. And there's equal magic in the sorrow of saying goodbye to characters you've grown to know and love as you turn that last page.

Words are powerful.

Now you need those words to be read and shared. We're good at that. In fact, it's what we're best at: we're a design and development studio that specializes in the publishing industry. So, if you're a writer or a publisher that we're not already working with, you should hire us. We're wicked good.

being wicked creative

Web Design and Development: This is about more than promotion. It's about stepping past the competition and the noise, and it's about having an identity on the web. More »

being wicked clever

Application Development: Sometimes you need more than a website or marketing materials. We can create any web-based applications you may need. More »

being wicked fun

Game Design and Development: What brings people to websites more than anything? Ok, besides that. Wow, who's being wicked now? We're talking about games! More »

Some of Our Clients

Random House Publishers Penguin Group
HarperCollins Publishers
Hachette Book Group Little Brown for Young Readers
Baker &am; Taylor Workman Publishers

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